Annual Alvin C. York Memorial Shoot

Alvic C York Memorial Shoot
Date : 
Repeats every year on March on the fourth Saturday 5 times.
Saturday, March 23, 2024
Saturday, March 22, 2025
Saturday, March 28, 2026
Saturday, March 27, 2027
Saturday, March 25, 2028
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You can find more information at this link: Or here: The location does NOT have an official address. Take Hwy. 127 to Pall Mall. Depending on if you enter from the North or the South, here are some rough directions. From the NORTH, travel past the Sgt. York State Park and the York Country Store. Watch for the sign for Wolf River Valley Growers and follow that turn. The spot is located to the left just as you cross the first bridge. Coming from the South, come down the mountain from Jamestown towards Pall Mall. This one is a little harder to explain, but when you get to the bottom of the mountain, keep going until you pass an old white house on the right and there will be a curve coming up shortly thereafter - your turn is in that curve almost. The Greenhouse sign isn't as visible from this direction and the road sign might not be. If all else fails, when you get to the Country Store (stop in and grab some snacks, etc.) turn around and follow the NORTH directions.
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Just off of Wolf River Loop accessed from South of the York Country Store
Pall Mall, TN 38577